Catherine Ehlers


Catherine Ehlers

Greetings, fellow Titanic enthusiasts!

I have long had an interest in the Titanic and in other maritime disasters (i.e., the Andrea Doria, the Andrea Gail, the Edmund Fitzgerald). But the Titanic has always been the queen of them all, in my opinion. I don't know why ships should fascinate me. I've never even been to sea! But I've wondered if it would be worth it. Being in a storm at would be terrifying.

I also love history, so that's another strong point. I also love the Cameron movie; I drooled over (don't gag) Billy Zane! (Yes, Leo is cute, but he's young enought to be my son!)

My older daughter (age 9) loves the Titanic, too!

Allison Lane


My name's Allison, I'm infuriatingly still a youngster at seventeen and have been interested in the Titanic since I was about eight. I have yet to actually contribute anything to this board but would love to do so some day; in the meantime it's awfully fun to watch all these educated people argue with each other.

On Cameron's movie: as far as I was concerned, Kate could have Leo and Billy could just do his own thing; I drooled (and still drool) over all the officers, the wireless operators, and Thomas Andrews.

-Allison L.

Catherine Ehlers

Allison: By the officers, I presume you mean the younger ones--not Captain Smith, surely! I don't remember the officers or the wireless operators--guess I'll have to watch the movie again (which I plan to do, anyway)and check 'em out. And I do agree about Thomas Andrews. He was worth drooling over!

Dec 2, 2000
Hey, bearded older guys are hunks! Sean Connery,.....Pat Cook.......

Hey, I had to make up for leaving him off my list under the ET research thread thingy.


Maureen. PS beardless older men are just as great too!
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Catherine, a storm at sea is a very sobering experience. I've weathered a few from time to time. Difficult not to when you serve in the Navy for 20 years. Some the North Atlantic, Cape Horn , and the North Sea are worse then others and are notoriously unpredictable.

Curiously enough, the Titanic sank in a dead calm the likes of which few had ever seen at the time.

Michael H. Standart

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Catherine,

Welcome aboard! I also enjoyed Cameron's movie. I drooled over Kate Winslet and I still do!

It's good to hear from you and I look forward to more of your posts.

Best regards,


joseph mack

Hi Catherine:
You're an enthusiast!!!!Me too!!! I've been interested in Titanic for nearly my whole life.You'll find my post under *jp*.I chose that as my stage name.Amongst titanic,I also am interested in AG anna the EF{same as you!!!}.Do you live in Mich?I don't.I'm in Cali.I have a website on the EF as well as lyrics to the song.Look under the *Shipwrecks* catagory.Have you seen PS?I have.So what fascinates you the most about titanic?I'm into the ship anna construction aspects.Also,I'm writting a romance novel based on the titanic.Never done that before.I'm on page 21 now.Also,I'll be going to FOX studios in march.Thjat's in Oz!!!Hope you hear from you.

Catherine Ehlers

Allison, I've watched Cameron's movie twice since my first post, and each time I find myself drooling over Thomas Andrews more and more! I've almost forgotten Billy Zane!

Joseph, I'm neither in Michican or California. I'm down in the South near Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, let me get back to the Titanic and Thomas Andrews....

Cathy Ehlers

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