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Philip Hind
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Can anyone tell me what the correct spelling for this 3rd class passenger is.


I'm sure that the name 'Hagardon' is the correct spelling - it is a common Irish name and have confirmed it with a colleague who has done a bit of research on her. But, in the world of Titanic passengers, the spelling could well change.

Dear Phil,
I have her listed as Catherine Hargadon born on May 22, 1894 in Carnamadda, near Ballysadare in Co. Sligo. She was the daughter of Patrick and Mary Cryan Hargadon and was travelling to New York City to her sister Margaret. I know that she had at least two other siblings-twins Mary and Bridget. She was travelling with Margaret Devaney and Mary Delia Burns from the same parish. Henry Hart was also in the party and was watching over the girls on their Titanic trip. In their trip to the deck from their steerage accomodations she and Delia Burns became separated from Margaret Devaney who made it to the deck and was saved in Collapsible C. However, Margaret never saw either of her friends again.
Bob and Cameron

Thank you for your help.

Does anyone have any information on Kate at all? She was a third class passenger from Sligo, Ireland that died in the sinking. Kate was traveling with Margaret Devaney and Delia Burns.
Kate "Kitty" Hargadon was from Carrownawaddoo, County Sligo, Ireland and was the youngest child of Patrick and Mary Hargadon--her mother's maiden name was something like Coyan or Cogan--difficult to make it out on her birth certificate. Her father was a day laborer.

She was 17 and was on her way to join an older sister in New York (the family consisted of at least 4 daughters, Mary Ann, Bee, Margaret, and Kate) and to find work as a domestic. She was seasick most of the trip and couldn't climb the ladder to the boat deck--Mary Delia Burns stayed back with her and both died while their friend Margaret Devaney entered a lifeboat and survived.

I hope that tells a little of what you wanted to know.