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Catherine Stuart

Hello! :-D

I finally decided to take the plunge and also introduce myself here.

I am a 39 (soon to be 40..*sob*...) mother of a beautiful 8 year old daughter... she is responsible for my growing interest in ;-)
She frequently takes out books from the library about this wonderful ship and by reading them to her, it's sparked quite an interest in me... :)

I also have a dear friend who is a member of this board (I won't post the name for privacy reasons... I don't think he posts much, anyway..? ) and recommended it to me.... I must say, the collective knowledge of the people here makes the name of these boards completely accurate.... :-O I am here every day just reading the archives and data that is posted and am SO impressed with everything... I am learning so much! :)

I'm also impressed with the manners and board etiquette of people.... SO rare to find such consistant friendliness and comraderie on a large board such as this.... One of the reasons that I finally DID join... ;-)

I'm also a fan of the SS United States... and other big ships... just have an appalling lack of knowledge of them.... :-\ BUT at least here that will be rectified... ;-)

My other interests include computer gaming, especially the Myst/Riven/Exile/D'ni genre... science fiction..... good music.... and I'm currently writing the next great American Horror novel.... ;-D *Ahem.... well... I'm trying... lol

Anyway.... thanks for reading all of this... and I hope that I don't post any silly gafs or really obvious newbie comments....but I'm sure you guys will be gentle.... *G*....

Catherine Stuart
May 8, 2001
Welcome Catherine. I am glad to see you are interested in the SS United States. I have a limited knowledge of big ships as well, but when you get to stand next to them, the appreciation and awe shines through.
Phil Hind is a good daddy and makes us mind really well. We know when we get a little rebellious we'll get in big trouble, and time out in a corner with an upside down megaphone on our head is NO FUN! Our resident hecklers, Behe, Cook, & Whitfield take up 3 corners most all the time. The 4th is reserved for someone who says something bad like the "F" word.

All joking aside, welcome aboard!
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Hi Catherine, great to have you aboard. Don't worry about us sharkies who hang about. We don't bite...hard.

My own interest in Titanic started with Walter Lord's seminal work on the subject "A Night To Remember" and has been there ever since. I read it when I was eight years old. It's good to see you have a daughter who is interested in hitting the books. All too few people seem inclined to do so these days and our understanding of history suffers badly as a consequnce. Keep cultivating that interest!

Michael H. Standart
Dec 4, 2000
Huzzah! Another parent who is helping her child enjoy reading! Congratulations...from a wannabe writer. It's good to know there will still be readers out there in the digital domain.

--David G. Brown

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Catherine,

Welcome aboard! My interest in the Titanic started when I received a book on the Titanic and her sister ships which has never faded. That's great that your daughter is taking up the subject which is always good to see.

It's good to hear from you and I look forward to your posts.

Best regards,


Catherine Stuart

Hello again!

My goodness, thank you guys so much! :) Yes, my daughter is a special girl... she'd rather read than eat, I think... and is writing her OWN stories, too.... ;-D I also think that her interest in Titanic was helped along by the Titanic movie a few years ago and from watching me play the CD-ROM game.... lol... and...erm.... the gift of a "Rose" barbie doll for her birthday one year... *eyetwitch*.... oye vay.... BUT.... it's better that than MTV, etc.... hehe....

Sure hope I don't have to wear the "megaphone of shame" anytime soon... ;-D And I promise not to use the "F" word.... :eek: .... (F-word? "Fries" is a bad word? Who knew? ;-) )

Off to

Catherine :)

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