Catherine Wallis

Dec 4, 1998
What was the truth of Mrs Wallis' death? Perhaps the stewardesses urged her to leave her cabin, but according to the 30 April 1912 Tuesday edition of the London Daily Sketch, Mrs Wallis '... refused to leave her room. Her remark was "I am not going on deck; I am going back where I am safe."
And as for Mrs Lucy Violet Lennard Snape '... a widow, 21 years of age with a little girl ... fastened the lifebelts on her passengers she wished them goodbye. Later she told some of the stewardesses that she did not expect to see them again.'
How tragic. There was plenty of room for these ladies, but one was adamant and the other had suffered much at her young age.

Carolyne Cowan

On National Geographical, there was a programme quite recently, regarding a elderly Lady wanting to prove whether her Grandmother was one of the unknown bodies buried at Halifax. It raised a query for me, as I have yet to find evidence of her Grandmother ever serving/being aboard the Titanic. The Lady said that her Grandmothers name was Mrs Katherine Wallace, 3rd Class Matron, one of the only 23 women hired. Whether I have the name spelt wrong, it does not seem to matter, as everywhere I research I cannot find her. Could someone maybe help here. I would appreciate it. Thank you. Oh by the way...I'm new on here. names Carolyne! Thank you again.

Deb Wallis

Apr 12, 2012
Waterloo, Ontario Canada
My Aunt Joan was the 'elderly lady' on the Titanic program you're talking about -I believe it was "Secrets of the Dead", on Nova. Her grandmother (her mother's mom) was Catherine Jane Wallis, a member of the 'Victualling Crew', working with 3rd class passengers. DNA samples were taken from family members, with the hope of proving whether the recovered body of a female, buried in the Halifax cemetery, was that of Catherine, but there was too much decomposition to test the remains. I personally believe her body was never recovered. After she was seen up on deck, she went back down below to try to get her passengers out. We all know now that the gates below were locked, and there was no escape for those poor people. She was my Grandma Melita's mother.
Something else on this site I would like to see corrected: regarding Melita's sister, Cecilia Wallis Coons. She did indeed have children-3 girls-Pat, Rita and Lindy Lou (died in childhood) and 2 boys Roy (deceased) and Allan, who were raised in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada. Another mistake on this site, says that Catherine's remaining estate was paid out to "Mrs. Albert Norton-a family friend". She (Annie Maria Allen Norton, nee Wallis), was actually the children's paternal Aunt-the sister of their deceased father, James Richard Wallis. I wish people's facts were checked before posting is allowed.

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