Cdeck cabin windows

Oct 30, 2010
On page 130 of Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy there's a picture of a Louis Seize C-deck stateroom on the Olympic. I know that there were portholes on this deck, but in this stateroom it's disguised as a window. Was the window on a hinge or something? Could the porthole behind it be opened?

John Atkinson

Some staterooms had portholes disguised as windows. A few also had stained glass panels in front which could be opened, revealing the porthole behind it. The porthole would have been exactly the same as those without disguises. The portholes were on pivots, meaning they could be swung to the side on an angle, but staying in place, quite like a revolving door.


Apr 29, 2017
C deck staterooms each had pivoting 19in x 24in portholes or sidelights. These could be swung open to allow for ventilation. Some however were covered with screens which would slide up or open up to cover the window. This was mainly used on A deck staterooms to provide extra privacy and was used on Olympic B deck cabins which looked out onto the enclosed promenade.

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