Changes Made after the Sinking of Titanic

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Bill Balla

Apr 6, 2009
I know many changes were made after Titanic sank such as radio watch, lifeboat capacity, etc....

The question, have there been other ship sinkings which caused changes in maritime practices to the extent that Titanic's sinking did ?

I seem to remember a ship which caught fire and the portholes in the side of the ship were too small to allow people to escape therefore the portholes were made larger in future builds to permit escape in an emergency
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
It might help some if you read the article at

The Titanic had an impact but much of it is over rated. After the usual round of knee-jerk revisions in some of the regulation which was more for the sake of looking like "Doing something" things pretty much went back to business as usual.

Maritime disasters almost always bring about a few revisions. For example changes in fire protection standards in the wake of the Morro Castle disaster.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
The most complete account of the changes made after the disaster is in my own e-book.

As Michael said, the changes were over-rated. White Star made drastic changes to Olympic and Britannic in an attempt to regain credibility, but other ships were built much as before. Titanic's subdivision almost meets modern standards. Even today, a ship can get away with carrying boats for only 75% of those on board, plus a horde of liferafts.

The porthole incident was during the loss of Noronic in 1949.
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