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Channel 5's Inside The Titanic

Discussion in 'Titanic Documentaries' started by Christophe Puttemans, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. I first saw this while watching another YouTube video. Curious, I watched it and was stunned by the amount of errors. Being a fan of CinemaSins, I dedicated a whole video to it. Here it is:

    Dropbox - EWW Inside The Titanic 2.mp4 (WIP, censored explicit language)
    Did I miss something? Did I count something as an error while it was actually right?
  2. The centre screw most likely had 3 blades as discovered in the H&W documents by Mark Chrinside.

    That show was one of the bad ones (which came out in 2012) full of mistakes, myths and made up stuff.
  3. GMillan

    GMillan Member

    Do you still have a link where this can be downloaded or buyed? apparently this documentary is no longer available anywhere