Charles Alfred Othen

An interesting story, my Great Grandfather was Charles Othen. After signing up to join Titanic, on the day that she left Southampton he was asked by a colleague if he could take Charles's place. Charles agreed and even though his replacement survived, he still gave his name as Charles in case of reprisal by the White Star Line.Charles later survived another sinking (believed to be the "Barbara Ella" as he named my Grandmother after it) and went on to live a full life, ending in South Africa where he died in the bath.


Sorry your getting confused between my great uncle and my great grandad. My great grandad immigrated to Africa he had a clot in his leg and it stopped him breathing on the way to the bath.
My Mother was Diane Frances Othen, daughter of George Thomas Othen. His father was Charles Duncan Pierre Othen. He was the son of Emily Othen. We are definitely related. Wow!