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Steve Coombes

From a Torquay, Devon newspaper cutting I have of April 1912 it says that this person, formerly of Barnstaple, North Devon aged 41 in 1912 was lost and that his parents were at the time living in Torquay, Devon. I can't find anything on him on ET. Any ideas?

Andrew Williams


Forgive the interruption. It may be wise to switch your attention elsewhere. The answer should be found with the Titanic Relief Fund (Exeter branch.) If these records do survive and your going to need a lot of patience locating them, then most of your answers are solved.

Take my advise, stick to the names that are already known on record.

Andrew W.

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Barnhouse was certainly not on board. As Michael said, there are many imposters or simple mistakes. Here in South Australia on the other side of the world we have a monument to somebody who was neither passenger nor crew. He apparently went overseas and never returned and his loss was put down to Titanic.

Graham Butt

Aug 4, 2008
I think Robert Barnhouse was on Board - Not listed as Robert barnhouse may be

When i was 14 (1987) I made a family tree for a school project. I Interviewed my gran who told me her Uncle Bob Branhouse was a stoker who died on the titanic.

I have since done some more work on my family tree and my Gran (since deceased) did have an uncle robert Barnhouse from Barnstaple, Devon (Which is where my Gran and I were also born). He was born in (c)1871 which would make him the correct age.

Some of this family sometimes used the surname Willis (mothers maiden name) - is there a Robert willis on board?

My mum also recalls the whole family being very angry at the fact that the 'workers' were not allowed to escape to saftey.

I hope this is of some interest to someone

Graham Butt

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hello Graham,

Welcome aboard.


I think Robert Barnhouse was on Board
As the others have already stated, he wasn't on board. The passenger list on this site is the most complete one you will find anywhere on the web, so since his name is not on the list, that means he wasn't there.


is there a Robert willis on board?
Nope, only a W. Willis, who served as a steward.

W. Willis

John Curran

Jul 27, 2008
Regarding names not on the lists here at ET, I think of F.M. Corran and J.P. Corran enumerated among the first cabin dead by Logan Marshall. I'm surprised they are not mentioned on this site, even to correct the record.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I think of F.M. Corran and J.P. Corran enumerated among the first cabin dead by Logan Marshall.<<

Logan Marshall may be interesting but his work was one of the so-called "Quickie Books" which came out in 1912 which aren't exactly renowned for their accuracy. Take anything you see in it with a large boulder of salt.

As Jason indicated, the names of the passengers and crew are well documented and the listing here on ET comes from primary sources.

Philip Hind

Staff member
Sep 1, 1996
This one is a bit of a puzzler. We don't seem to know much about Charles Barnes, but I had the mansion house fund list that had been attached to his name giving his wife as Amelia and his children Alice, Rose, William and Ann. But Craig Stringer's passenger and crew list has them attached to a stoker he calls Frederick Barnes (on the sign on sheet it looks like J. Barnes).

Anyway I did a bit of rooting around and managed to track Robert Barnhouse through the various Census returns. It seemed pretty much to corroborate what was said in the article, certainly by 1901 he seemed to be living with William and Edith Curtis. But this still was not evidence that he was Charles Barnes.

When Frederick Barnes signed on he gave his address as Woodley Road, Woolston and in 1911 we find at 20 Woodley Road, Woolston a John Barnes living with his wife Amelia and their children Thomas, Alice, Rose and William, the district of South Stoneham is the same one mentioned in the fund list so maybe this is them. Was Frederick actually John?

But what about Charles Barnes? Well, when he signed-on he gave his address as 45 York Road, Southampton. It isn't too much detective work to find out who was living there in 1911 and lo and behold, it is William and Edith Curtis. The people with whom Robert Barnhouse had allegedly lodged for all those years. William was a baker which was the occupation mentioned in the article.

And both men were a bit coy about their real ages!

Charles Barnes Bio | J. Barnes Bio

Andrew Williams

Phil -- As the Easter holidays are here I have plenty of time on my hands to check through the various pages I've got amongst my own personal possession's. Barnhouse/Barnes is one of those big mystery's although I stand firmly in Graham Butt's corner and favour his suggestion that his real surname was Barnhouse and not Barnes.

Incidentally, to clear up the so-called 'Compensation Claims'. Loads of payments was still handed out way after the First World War. In the end White Star were forced to approach the Relief Fund to see if they were prepared to use the Compassionate Fund as there last means of savour. No other evidence is found to suggest that this last act of settlement was accepted let alone approved. Me is still searching for those lost papers from that period of time!


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