Charles Hallace Romaine


Arne Mjåland

I persuaded The Herald Bulletin, Anderson, Indiana to write a story about this famous gambler on the Titanic. The story appeared on April 12 2002.

"Charles Hallace Romaine was a colourful chap. A tall boisterous man with a sharp eye for money and not necessarily in the lawful sence.
But under whichever name Romaine may prove to be one of the more curious characters to board the "unsinkable" ship.
Ann Harris, 90 who is Romaine s only living relative still living was interviewed in the article. "I was about 5 years when I last saw him. I remmeber him clearly, because he was something else. He was quite handsome. He had beautiful white hair. When he came to visit, my mother and grandmother made a fuss for days prepairing for his arrival. I adored him. He was supposed to be a stock broker, that was what I was told".
C.H Romaine has been mentioned in "The night lives on", by Walter Lord, and in "Unsinkable: The full story" by Daniel Allen Butler.
Obviously it seems to be posssible to do more research about him. Anybody want to try?

Brian Meister

Dear Arne,

There has indeed, been a great deal of
work done on Mr Romaine and his fellow gamblers.
My colleague, Phil Gowan has contacted the
families of all three, and I have been to the
graves of Romaine and Homer. There will be a
great deal told about these three later.
They both lead very interesting lives full
of intrigue.

Stay tuned

Arne Mjåland

Anne M. Harris
Nov 27 1911 - May 6 2005
By incident I found this online obituary. As you notice I mentioned Mrs Harris above September 19 2002 here on the massage board. I am glad she was interviewed now after she has gone.
According to the obituary she had a daughter Kay of Anderson and a son Phillip Hardin of Geneva ILL, 10 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
It was mentioned in the obituary that she was the great-niece of the Titanic survivor, Charles Hall Romaine
I must mention that in the 2002 interview Mrs Harris gave she told that she had a small wooden box in her house almost forgotten. Inside, the box was filled with treasures. Two photos were of Romaine, one with his wife Beatrice . who she called Doll. A letter dated 1918 and postmarked New York was written by Romaine, asking Harris grandmother ¨his sister - to come out and visit.
I am looking forward to read what Brian and Phil come up with about Romaine when time is due.