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It calls The Californian Incident, and it has a few interesting claims that I am not able to confirm.
Maybe somebody here will help me.

1. Charles says that one of the rockets fired by Rowe misfired. It created a very bright flash but never went up.
2. Charles says that up to his death Boxhall was sure that the steamer he observed from the Titanic was not only swinging, but moving too, and Boxhall sued Lord for perjury because Lord said Californian was stopped.
3. Charles says Beesley observed sidelights of Californian from his boat.
So, are there any sources to confirm these statements?
Mar 17, 2018
Charles Pellegrino is an interesting Titanic author. He’s written three books on the subject: “Her Name, Titanic.” (1988; This book also has the distinction of some biographical information on Robert Ballard that is hard to find elsewhere), “Ghosts of the Titanic” (2000; a good book but poorly edited, has many spelling and punctuation errors that his books do not usually possess), and “Farewell, Titanic: Her Final Legacy.” (2012; I am almost finished reading this one). He has personally appeared in the James Cameron documentary “Ghosts of the Abyss” (2003). As far as his writing style goes, he is (in my personal opinion), one of the very best Titanic authors of all time. I would put him in the same league with Walter Lord. However, he is also a magnet for controversy, and his reputation as a scientist and historian has suffered to some extent since 2010, when an error in one of his non-Titanic related books brought up a cursory investigation that discovered he did not have a PhD he was supposed to have. However, I wouldn’t judge him on this evidence alone. I think his books are brilliant and although they contain a few historical inaccuracies, it is not to the extent that his writing is unenjoyable or unreadable. Quite the opposite. My only advice is that you must read his books, but use caution and don’t believe everything he writes unless you can check it carefully with other Titanic authors and experts you respect. Overall, I think he is great and deserves much more credit than he usually gets.

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