Charles Valentine and Ada Clarke

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Now that's an interesting story. I also noticed that, although at the time of her relief fund grant in 1913, Ada Clarke was listed as having no children and yet her gravestone bears the name of the Clarkes' daughter May West, and if I am reading it correctly, would have been older than her mother when her mother died!

Would there be some suggestion here then that a daughter of Ada Clarke could have married into Edwy West's family after the Titanic disaster?


Peter - Yes everything is well here.
Yes, I have found an interview with the Wests on their way home on the train to Cornwall in May 1912. But unfortunately its embargoed at present.

There are many facts in this equation that I just cant find answers to - it seems every question is met with a question.
Lets hope we can find some answers.

This is fantastic! As you may know I am studying my family history and this all adds to it. Just a few corrections if you don't mind. Ada's headstone states that she died in "1953" and the inscription about May West just says "In loving memory of May West" Could this be a sister of Ada's?
I see that Ada Maria Clarke's bio states that Ada Mary West is her sister.Is this a "fact" now and where did it come from.Is this the May West(died in 1966 aged 77) mentioned on the head stone of Ada Maria Clarke
This does seem extraordinary given that Ada West's maiden name was Worth, while Ada Clarke's was Winfield. Ada Clarke had a sister (Mrs Young) living in California.

One widowed Ada(West) with two young chidren, and expecting another, went to live in Cornwall. Mrs West died in 1953. The other widow Ada, apparently childless, also returned to England where her mother lived in Hampshire. Mrs Clarke died in 1959.

This issue certainly seems worthy of further investigation to try to clear the matter up.
>>> I see that Ada Maria Clarke's bio states that Ada Mary West

Biographies are only as good as the information submitted to them. Brian submitted this as fact not query via ET contribute which is why the biography was updated. I don't know any more than the rest of you.... less in fact.
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Bazaer - Yes I also got the same information from the seller. It was my high bid (Osh1t) but I was outbid at the last minute by a very well known member of this list. Never mind.

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Confession time, it was a family item so I had to try for it.Sorry. Perhaps we should join forces next time?
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Greetings again - I asked a very well known auctioneer what value he would have put on the Wedding Invitation and he said ''£300 - £400 minimum and a lot more to anyone who has anything from the family''
Just shows.

I have just received (for my birthday)the CD "Titanic People" by Craig Stringer. When I looked at the list of credits, I was impressed by the list of names from ET. Then I searched for Charles Valentine Clarke and his wife Ada Maria. I was disapointed because his family information was wrong.It also stated that Ada Maria died in 1959 when she died in 1953.The bit that spooked me though was reading that Charles and Ada slept through the collision.Did that information come from an interview or the inquiry
The May West mentioned on Ada Maria Clarke's (WInfield) gravestone was the youngest of her four sisters
i dont know if you'd be interested, but i have taken photo's of the houses Ada West occupied after returning to Cornwall. if anyone would like to see them, i'll try to upload them when the film is developed