Charlotte Collyer and the 'Italian' in Lifeboat 14


Holly Peterson

On one of the earlier threads, I read an account in which Charlotte Collyer described an 'Italian' jumping into Lifeboat 14 and crushing a small girl, giving her internal injuries. As many accounts of the time seem to be biased against so-called 'Italians' and other foreigners, I was wondering if there is any seed of truth to Mrs. Collyer's claim, especially regarding the injured child. So far as I know, the only children in Lifeboat 14 who could be described as 'little girls' apart from Collyer's own child would be Louise and Simone Laroche, ages 1 and 3, Joan Wells aged 4, and Eva Hart, aged 7, and none of them were injured severely during the sinking from what I've read.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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