Charlotte Drake Cardeza

I am really interested in learning more about Charlotte Cardeza but I cant seem to find much information about her. I scanned through a couple of the older threads on here and saw that some people had the same interests! Is there a place were I can get a biography or anything? =)

Jason D. Tiller

You're welcome.
I am still curious to find out some information on the Cardeza family and her son's valet, Gustave Lesueur. Google is not much help! Does anyone know of sources where I can gather some information. I was searching the Ellis Island ship manifest for the Carpathia, and I discovered that Mr. Lesueur's name crossed out and Annie Ward's written over it. I was curious as to why they would cross his name out and not have his information anywhere else besides when he came from France in 1904 (if it is the same person, which I believe is most likely). I know the majority of sites said he survived, getting into lifeboat 3 along with Lady Cardeza and her son and Annie, but I have also found some that do not include him on the surviving list. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!
Hi Karlee,

He is listed on Manifest page 150, line 2. His name is on the Ellis Island site as: Leswent, Gustav

It was a partial entry on Maniferst Page 140, line 14 that was amended to read Ward, Annie
Thank you for your help! You don't happen to know what happened with him after the Cardeza's went back to Georgetown? There is information about Annie, but none about him. Did he not stay with the family?
Hi Karlee,

You are welcome. Sorry but I have no informations on Gustave Lesueur. Hopefully a Passenger Researcher will see your message and help you.

Belatedly I note in your opening post you asked about: Charlotte Cardeza. Have you seen Judith Geller's book: Titanic Women and Children First. There are several pages on Charlotte.

Good luck with your searches.