Cherbourg and Cobh Titanica

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Hi Jon.

There are Titanic memorials in both cities. I have not seen the Cherbourg Memorial. I was at the unveiling of the Cobh Memorial, on July 7, 1998,

In Cobh, there is also "The Titanic Trail", which includes the neighborhood that Father Brown lived in, and Saint Colman's Cathedral, one of Cobh's most distinguished landmarks.

Jason D. Tiller

Actually, there are two memorials in Cherbourg. According to Brian Ticehurst's book "Titanic Memorials World-wide", there is one located in the docks at the end of La Promenade. It is a memorial to all sailors lost at sea.

The Titanic memorial that John is referring to is located at the Pilots House on the quay, where the Nomadic was tied up to receive passengers bound for Titanic.
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