Cherbourg passengers (Stratta)


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Researcher Lester Mitcham[1] claims that the contract ticket list, which names all the passengers who contracted for a ticket for RMS Titanic out of Cherbourg, exists. I have found no such list either in the National Archives of Great Britain or the National Archives and Records Administration for the United States.

I am a historical researcher trying to determine if a man and wife of the surname Stratta purchased tickets to embark in Cherbourg, but never boarded, so finding the contract ticket list is important to me.

Does anyone know if Mitcham was incorrect or where this list could be found? At this point I conclude the Mitcham's claim was incorrect.

[1] “The Statistics of the Disaster,” Encyclopedia Titanic (The Statistics of the Disaster : acccessed 20 May 2019).
Given a choice between Lester Mitcham's research and a family story, I'd back Lester all the way. There are endless tales of people who supposedly were to board Titanic. Very few are proven true.