Cherbourg Passengers


Matt Endacott

I'm just wondering if by any chance there might be passengers who disembarked at Cherbourg who are today alive. By the passenger list compiled on this site i found there was a number of "Master" and "Miss" titles onboard, indicating a number of young passengers. Any one heard of any still alive?
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Jan 5, 2001
Hi Matt,
Sorry to disappoint you but all the passengers who travelled to Cherbourg are no longer with us. I have managed to research a good many of them, and the youngest in 1912 would have been Eileen and Denis Lenox-Conyngham, who were travelling with their mother and aunt. Denis died in 1928, and Eileen in 1993. There was also William Noel, the son of Major Gerald Noel, who was 13 in 1912. He died in 1954.
Travelling to Queenstown was Jack Dudley Odell, aged 11. He died in 1995.
Hope this helps.

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