Children after the Titanic


Allison McGarry

I'm looking at survivors, specifically a female about two years old. I can't find a record of her on any list or the names of her parents. Did any children have their names changed after the accident, either from the immigration process, or because no one knew who they were?
Thank you for any information you can provide me with.

Bob Godfrey

Hallo Allison. Certainly there were no unidentified children among the survivors, but many immigrants did anglicize their names at some later time in their lives and in most cases we know what their new names were. Why don't you tell us the name you've been given, then somebody might be able to help.
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Arun Vajpey

Arun Vajpey

Certainly there were no unidentified children among the survivors

I think Michel Jr and Edmond Navratil were unidentified for a short time till the 'Hoffman' story was exposed and their mother, Marcelle Navratil came to claim them.

So was every surviving unaccompanied (by an adult who knew the child) child correctly identified without any room for error?