Chris A Moody

Feb 18, 2018
Houston, TX, USA
So in my continuing research for my new novel, I came across this video:

which stated that 6 year old Robert Spedden quickly made friends with the other children of first class.

Looking here: Children on the Titanic | Encyclopedia Titanica and sorting by Class, doesn't show there were many kids in first class after the ship left Cherbourg. The only one really close to his age would have been young Master Washington Dodge who was only 4. The other children of first class were 11, 13 and 14. I could see those three playing together, but I don't see them playing with a 4 or 6 years old.

So I'm curious, what proof do we have he quickly made friends, with the kids in First class?
Oct 28, 2000
Chris, I think you've discovered one of those "kiss off" lines writers use when they don't know the rest of the story and need to change topics. Kids go play. It's what they do. Who questions saying that a youngster made friends and played with other kids? So, readers allow themselves to be "kissed off" instead of being in a state of being that starts with a "P" and not a "K." We see this all the time in TV documentaries. The kiss off is related to the "meanwhile back at the ranch" change of topic.

-- David G. Brown

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