Children on Britannic

Yourj Benig

Apr 27, 2012
Manila, Philippines
I just want to ask if children were aboard the ship? I thought the ship is a hospital and not an ocean liner,..
But I just want to ask if can a young 16 year old girl served as a nurse in BRITTANIC????

because, I'm going to make a Britannic story which will be a sequel to my story of Titanic...
It was focused on a sixteen year old girl named Kelly Campbell who is on TItanic when she was just 11 with her older sister Abigail..... Abigail was the main character in my titanic story....

Can a girl like her can go onboard the Britannic
:cool: :confused: :confused:

here's my story of titanic though ... sorry if I have mistakes there..

Historical Fiction - The Titanic - Wattpad

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
In 1914 a young woman who volunteered for wartime service as a nursing assistant would have needed to be at least 21. For 'foreign service' (which I imagine would include hospital ships) she needed to be 23. Later in the war there was some relaxation of this, and nursing assistants as young as 19 could be accepted for service at auxiliary hospitals in Britain, but there would have been no teenage nursing staff on the hospital ships. I'm talking here about the VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) personnel, who were actually nursing assistants - amateurs with little training. Fully qualified, professional military nurses were generally at least 25 years old.

There were also stewardesses on the Britannic, like Violet Jessop who had famously survived the Titanic. Violet actually had been a VAD nursing assistant earlier in the war, but on the Britannic she was serving in her more accustomed role. Here again a certain amount of maturity was a requirement of the job, so very young girls would not have been considered suitable.


Dec 2, 2014
no there where no children on the Britannic as she was a hospital ship she was only used as transporting injured soldiers sadly she was sunk i think she was put into service at the wrong time

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