Children On The Titanic

Dec 6, 2000
Muchly appreciated Bob. The packages are crashing through the roof tiles and ceiling as I type.

Hello Mick,

5 July 1894 looks like the date. Hope you can confirm. A web-search should give you contacts for Scranton. An e-mail will hopefully provide you with a copy of the birth certificate.


Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
You're welcome, Lester. But go easy - that lot has to keep you going for a couple of weeks till the trucks arrive with your regular supply! :)

Mick, unfortunately it seems that in Pennsylvania you need to have very good reason to gain access to 'vital records' of a person to whom you are not related. Maybe it's easier if the person is deceased - can any American member offer some experience here? Also there is no central State registry for 19th century records, so you'd need to apply to the Lackawanna County Courthouse in Scranton. But to my mind the additional confirmation from those school records is enough to settle the matter.

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