Chipperfield's The Story Of A Great ship

Jan 7, 2002
I FINALLY found "The Story of a Great Ship" by Joseph Chipperfield on Ebay, albiet sans dust jacket.
This is one Titanic book I was never able to find..until now..
How rare is this one.
Do you all have copies?

Tarn Stephanos
Jun 4, 2000
I think it is reasonably rare (particularly with dust jacket) but Michael T will know for sure. My copy (with dust jacket) was one of my 'book luck' books, so my experience isn't the norm by any means for this one.

There's an interesting piece by Senan Molony on Micheal's site, comparing Chipperfield's novel with Beesley's book. Have you read it? I'm not so fussed about the heavy borrowing from Beesley as how dull Chipperfield's prose is, particularly given the natural interest of the story and that it was intended for younger readers. YMMV.
Oct 13, 2000
Yep, it is a scarce one - it's on my list of one of the 10 hardest to find books.

Also agree the writing is rather uninspired. Don't know if it is just dated or what - Chipperfield wrote quite a number of children's books, so must assume his style was popular during the years he was being published.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Jun 4, 2000
Just moving this one back to where it belongs, in with the children's books.

Has anyone else read it?

Tarn, what did you think of it?

For the book of its type and period, I much prefer Marguerite Vance's Courage at Sea. It might lack the historical accuracy of Chipperfield's book, but as a story of a boy finding unexpected courage in the face of the sinking, it's a book that stands up well against much of the more recent Titanic fiction.

Tim Gillane

Oct 28, 2018
It was the first book I ever read about the Titanic, circa 1962; I can still remember where it was shelved in the Children's Room at the old library where I lived. I did a school book report on it; the cover had a silhouette on which the angle of the ship could be adjusted. About a year before, I'd seen the reproduction of the NY Times front page about the sinking; I think it was an ad for subscriptions. AbeBooks has copies for sale, but they cost quite a lot.

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