Choose Your Own Adventure Terror on the Titanic

Neil McRae

Apr 16, 2001
For those who've never heard of them, the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books were a series of young adult novels written in second-person narration, meaning the protagonist was "you". Rather than going from beginning to end, the book allowed you to make choices by turning to specific pages ("If you decide to enter the room, turn to page 43, if you don't, turn to page 21."). The stories all had about a half-dozen to a dozen possible ending, some pleasant, some not.

After running through every possible premise (being held hostage, traveling though time, even finding out you're an alien), the eventually did a story called "Terror on the Titanic", where "you" are a young passenger on the Titanic. I forget most of the choices and outcomes but as I recall at least one involved "you" changing things so the ship doesn't sink.

Anyone remember this book? What did you think of it?

Logan Geen

Dec 2, 2001
I read this book a ways back. I found it to be so-so. I got a kick out of some of the versions. Honestly though I never cared much fir that style of book. For real enjoyment for young adults Barbara William's Titanic Crossing is one of the best, as is the young adult novel SOS Titanic. However, I must give this book credit as it helped spur my interest in the Titanic.

Daniel Odysseus

I've never read Terror on the Titanic (though I did read C.Y.O.A.: The Cave of Time or something like that... As for Titanic Crossing, I read it when it first came out... I do like that it is one of the few stories that take place in second class, though the little sister did get on my nerves... My brother was like that...

Peyton Jenkins

I loved the CYOA books as a younger kid, but have never heard of the "Titanic" one! I'll have to look that up at the library!

I also remember reading the "Titanic Crossing" mentioned above, and really enjoyed it. I just finished "SOS Titanic" and hated it- the historical inaccuracies were hideous, and the characters were very annoying.

Rachel Carter

Mar 23, 2008
I do remember this one, checked it out at the library when I became interested in the Titanic (age 7). I don't quite remember all of what happens, all the scenarios... something to look into again, eh?

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