Christensen family & Tickets


Thomas Young

My grandmother, Esther Christensen, and her father , Niels Christensen, as first class passengers sailed from Southampton to Queenstown. They had truncated their journey to New York at Queenstown because their Dog had become ill. I believe, buried deep in my family archives, I have these unused tickets. My sister has a memory of seeing them. Before looking for them I am trying to acertain the probabilities of my success by checking the accuracy of her memories. To that end the following information would be extremely valuable:

What do Titanic Tickets look like?
Is there any printing on the backside of the ticket?
Would they have come folded with White Star printing on the outside?
Would my Grandmother have recieved a receipt for her ticket or would the original have been returned to her?
What colors should it be?
Is there a list somewhere where I could find Niels Anton Christensen and Esther Christensen?

Many Thanks

Lester Mitcham


The names of your relatives are not on the Southampton Boarding List BT 27/780B. Neither are they on the Contract Ticket List which lists the names, tickets numbers and fares paid for those who sailed on the Titanic.

The only 1st Class passengers known to have sailed on Titanic from Southampton to Queenstown are Father Browne, the Odell/May party [5 people] and Mrs Emily Nichols.

Bob Godfrey

Hallo, Thomas. You can be certain that the Christensens were never on the Titanic, but perhaps they travelled to Queenstown in or around 1912 on another White Star liner like the Olympic. Any documents relating to the voyage, like letters, tickets, etc would have been headed with a standard company logo which included the names Olympic and Titanic and a picture of the Olympic, which to the average observer looked exactly like the Titanic. Maybe that's what has been seen in the family archive, and that familiar profile and the name Titanic have been remembered rather than the small print of the document.