Christopher Reeve RIP


Tarn Stephanos

Christopher Reeve, of Superman fame,died this week..
He starred in many films, most famous being his role as Superman, but he also starred in a time travel/romace film set in 1912, that many Titanic buffs count as an all time favoriote film.

That movie was 'Somewhere in time', and the ending is perhaps the biggest tear jerker youll ever see.
Im a big Chris Reeve fan, and wish him and his family peace and happiness...

Tarn Stephanos
I was shocked and saddened by the news of Christopher Reeve's death, but later angered when I found out what precipitated it.

Anyone who cares for invalid patients, please be aware that bedsores (aka pressure wounds, decubitus, etc.) can be prevented very simply by twice a day generous applications of lotions containing lanolin and glycerine to the skin. The best lotion is Cornhusker's Lotion. I cared for a hydrocephalic patient who was 58 years old, completely bedridden, and never once had a bedsore.

All the best,
Its really hard to understand how this could have happened to him the way it did. I am sure he had the best care money could buy. Something just doesn't sound right to me.

- Beth
I should add that frequent turning (positioning) of the body is also necessary to prevent bedsores. Lotion alone won't do the job, but it is a major factor in prevention.