Cincinnati Post Office Bremen or Europa Mosaic


Nicholas Massa

Greetings All -

I work at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati. We're in the old train station which is home to some pretty impressive mosaic murals. On one of them is a scene in New York harbor and a large steam ship is coming in. I nearly positive it is either the Bremen or Europa. The murals were done by a German born artist by the name of Winold Reiss in 1932. I figure it's the right time for one of those two ships to be chosen.

It's possible he left things rather generic and no one will be able to tell, but on the off chance someone on this forum would recognize it as one or other I thought it was worth a shot.

Thanks in advance for any help!


James Carnes

Member my opinion the mural is based on the Bremen. If you look at the mural, you will see large cowl type ventilators next to the funnels. Only the Bremen had these, similar to those on the Queen Mary. The Europa did not have this type and had ventilators in the funnel bases like the Normandie and Queen Elizabeth.