Clear Annie Cameron

Inger Sheil

Clear is indeed her first name.

BTW, the Dowdings are still looking for leads on Ted's aunt if anyone has seen anything (I've resorted to hoping she returned to England, and checking the deaths register at the FRC in the hopes she'll turn up there eventually...)

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On occasion I've jumped up and down when a long sought after Titanic survivor has finally been located. But I don't think one has ever excited me as much as this past Thursday. Through the confluence of tidbits shared by several researchers including Geoff Whitfield and Senan Molony, I'm very pleased to report that what amounted to a global search for Clear Cameron has been successfully concluded. Brian Meister and I located her on Thursday afternoon and are putting all the pieces into the puzzle at long last. Because of the great respect we share for Dinah Dowding and because of the monumental effort she and her late husband Ted went to, we will wait until next week to disclose all the details--we want Dinah to be the first to know everything that we found. As soon as that is done, we'll make the information public on this forum. Of course, we deeply regret that Ted did not live long enough to hear the news in his lifetime--but maybe he and Clear are looking down smiling at Dinah who at long last knows that the search is over.

Stay tuned. We'll tell the story in very short order.

Brian & Phil

Congrats to you and Brian on your long-awaited find. You know everybody's excited and waiting to hear your news. We are only saddened to hear of Mrs. Dowding's misfortune. Great work!

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Pat Cook

Outstanding, O M! This is the best news I've heard in some time. Congrats to you and Brian M. And I know Dinah will be so happy to hear your results.

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Way to go, Phil! I'll be looking forward to reading the results of the work you and Brian put into this when you're ready to go public.

Michael H. Standart

Jason D. Tiller

That's wonderful Phil! Congratulations to both you and Brian. I look forward to reading the information.

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Christine Geyer

You leave me curious !! I'm looking forward to hear your story too. CONGRATULATIONS already

Thanks Diane, Beverly, Randy, etc. Both Brian and I appreciate the kind words. We are really excited about this find and will give details very shortly.


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Philip sorry to trouble you but did you receive my e-mail congratulations last Sunday(8th July)?

Andrew--yes I did--thank you! Sorry I've been so long in responding and will do so more fully tonight or tomorrow--have a flight to catch in an hour-