Clear Annie Cameron

I'm trying to locate the book that Ted & Dinah Dowding were Editors on titled "Clear to America by Titanic & Beyond" Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of the book? I appreciate any help provided.
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I was speaking with a fellow Titanic collector who happened to mention a photograph of Clear Cameron (second class survivor) which was sold at auction within the past year(?)

Does anyone here know how much the price realized? To my understanding it was a rather hefty one. It is quite probable it was sold at a Bonhams auction but I'm not sure of that.

Henry Aldridge and Son hold the record for a Clear Cameron photograph sold at auction at £8500, this is also a record for any Titanic photo sold at auction.

Bonhams held two sales laearlier this year carrying the same lot of Clear Cameron material one on May 1st and the other November 2nd. It was a letter written on July 21st 1912 from New York. It had an estimate of £800-£1200 but it did not get to its reserve.

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Andrew Aldridge
Hello Andrew, Thank you so much for your reply. That is quite a high price for a photograph. I only assumed it was Bonhams because i recalled the letter written by Clear was under the hammer. Happy New Year
My ex-husband's family is from Scotland and England. His last name is Cameron. His mother says there are still relatives over there. I wonder if there is any relationship. I thought Dinah and Clear were sisters. thanks.
BTW, while I was in my three month hospital stay, a close friend of mine was so kind to send me the April 22, 2007 Bonham & Butterfield auction catalogue. Amongst the lots was...lot 1663...a two-page hand written letter by Miss Clear Annie Cameron. a 2nd Class passenger, boarded the Titanic at Southampton, traveling with Miss Ellen Nellie Wallcroft.

The letter is dated New York City July 21st 1912.
However, there is no content in the letter regarding Titanic, I was much surprised to find that an estimated bid was quoted at $1,000 - 1,500. I do not know the actual price realized for the letter.

It brings comfort knowing that my Stead letter (dated '03) is of a *victim* in the Titanic disaster. Albeit, I do not think I will ever part with it. The W.T. Stead resource site of the UK was granted permission to ad a color copy of my letter to their site, but I have yet to see it posted as we speak.

Michael Cundiff
Clear married Ernest William Francis on 29th April 1914 in Philadelphia and returned to England.  They lived in Worcester Park in Surrey for many years and both died in 1962.  I have a bit more information for anyone interested.
Clear married Ernest William "Billy" Francis in Philadelphia on 29th April 1914 and they returned to England in 1915. They were living in Worcester Park, Surrey for many years. They both died in 1962. I am related to Clear and trying to find out more about her later life.
Hello Chris - Have your seen the book:
Clear To America by Titanic & Beyond. ISBN 0-9531539-0-8. Limited
It is full of information on Clear Cameron. There is a copy for sale on Amazon at the moment.

Yes thanks Brian, it was my Great Uncle Ted who wrote it and I have a copy. Unfortunately he died not knowing what had happened to his Aunt Clear.

@ Chris Gilbert:
I am so happy to have more information about Clear. In 1999, Ted and Dinah contacted my cousin, Heath McCawley Porter and through her me, because our grandmother, Mrs McCawley, was Clear's employer in Haverford (Philadelphia)and Clear refers to my mother, Eleanor McCawley, the youngest child, in at least one letter in the book that Ted and Dinah so lovingly put together.
We tried to find out more about what had happened to Clear, but my grandmother and all three of her children had died by the time the Dowdings made contact. I guess we may be the American family referred to by Irene Cameron.
I enjoyed lovely exchanges with Ted before he died. I wish I had met him in person.
I would love to have more information if there you have any. Clear has become a member of our family lore!
Thank you Diana. I will send you an E-mail. I have so far found Clear's husband's WWI Pension record and therefore details of their addresses up to the late 20s and then from the 30s he appears in the phone book. I also have a copy of his will and their death certificates. Unfortunately the cost of getting their Philadelphia marriage certificate turned out to be a bit more than I was willing to pay just now.