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Clive Palmer's planned Titanic II

Discussion in 'Titanic No2' started by Meikel, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Meikel

    Meikel Member

    Read more: Clive Palmer | Titanic II | Plan to build cruise ship fleet

    So, do you believe that it will happen this time?
    Personally, I remain sceptical. Again there are given almost no concrete details. I think the project will just disappear again.
  2. Queensland billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has unveiled his plans to build the Titanic II to add to his tourism portfolio. Mr Palmer said his new company Blue Star Line Pty Ltd had commissioned the stateowned Chinese company CSC Jinling Shipyard to build a near replica of the illfated Titanic. The cost is unknown.... ET

  3. deegarretson

    deegarretson Member

    Well, Clive Palmer is certainly eccentric enough and has enough money to make it happen, though I think he borders on slightly crazy. He thinks the CIA is in league with environmental groups to prevent Australian mining expansion: CIA threatens Australian coal industry: Palmer I think the CIA worries about other things.

    love to see it happen, but I'm doubtful too
  4. I am also skeptical. The description of the project in the article tells me that Mr. Palmer doesn't know what he's doing. It's said the new ship will be "every bit as luxurious as the original." The original was luxurious only by the standards of 100 years ago - it would be a well-decorated prison ship for most of today's high-maintenance travelers, who cannot go five minutes without new entertainment. SOLAS regulations would force many, many changes to the design, probably enough to keep the ship from resembling Titanic very much. A full complement of lifeboats would be needed, for starters, and I seem to recall that they cannot be more than 40 feet above the waterline today, not 60 as was the case on Titanic. And the new ship is to have a bulbous bow - hmm.

    Titanic's wood paneling no longer meets safety standards; the sort of synthetic wood fakement seen on the QM2 would be needed. And I don't think Mr. Palmer is going to enjoy getting the bill for a riveted hull, with rivet holes drilled instead of punched (we know what THAT led to). While it is certainly possible to build a ship and name it Titanic II, I think the result would be just another of today's ships - a garbage scow with a Hilton hotel built atop it.

    Nope - this is a pipe dream, or publicity-seeking, and a gullible journalist who didn't know what questions to ask fell for it.
  5. J Burdette

    J Burdette Member

    I'm doubtful it will happen, as well. I thought I remembered reading where others had planned to rebuild Titanic but the plans had always come to naught.

    In any case, I'm like Millvina Dean in my thoughts. I don't agree with it. But just my opinion.
  6. Evidently, there are two threads about this, and I've already replied in the other one, so I'll confine myself to saying that there is no way for an accurate replica of Titanic to sail today. In fact, I don't think you could even build an accurate replica to be used as a floating hotel or land-based attraction; the safety factors involved would force way too many changes.
  7. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    I am skeptically too, but I am pretty confident that a semi replica will built someday--one whose only resemblance will be on the outside. By the way, from what I understand they will have to claim that the ships primary role will be ocean travel to have any chance at being able to put lifeboats on the actual boat deck.

    Two things though, why won't anyone give me about 70 million to startnmy transatlantic line? I promise it is way cheaper than building a Titanic replica! :)

    Aleo I liked it much better the last time around when Harland and Wolfe were going to be commissioned to build a new Titanic.
  8. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    Here's the CNN Link: Australian billionaire to build Titanic replica - CNN.com

    On this link you can post a "Would I Sail on A Replica Titanic?" video.

    My answer, now: NO!!! It's rather tacky, and I think it will end up looking the size of Queen Mary 2, with lifeboats found mid-ship.
    If you make an exact replica of TITANIC, the interest will soon fade, due to limited spaces and lack of entertainment venues.

    TO J.D.T.: Sorry, but you and I won't be doing the "Maiden Voyage" for this venture.
  9. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    No, you couldn't. If you had a ship actually built in 1912, you could possibly get waivers for it as an historical landmark/heritage site. But even building new as a hotel, you'd need to meet building and safety code which would preclude an exact replica.

    As a ship that actually carries passengers at sea, well... the use of heavy wood panelling would be out completely. You'd need a modern fire suppression system. The bulkheads would have to go all the way up. You would need a double hull and rivetted construction would be out. I am not sure about a coal powerplant, but my guess is this would be very difficult to do, esspecially since you'd have a pretty difficult time finding people to be firemen--and I'm pretty sure that changes would be needed in any regard for the safety of those working them.

    You'd also need radar, and the like...

    Then there are more practical issues like: nobody except some of here wants to sail on a ship with no air conditioning. They also probably don't want to share bathrooms with others like 99% of the passengers would, would not like having to berth with others, and would most likely demand modern "entertainment" options.

    Like I said in the other thread, people would be better of giving me 50 or so million to start up my passenger line service! :D
  10. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    As I said in the other thread, an exact replica, would be illegal for many many reasons--even with more lifeboats! Even as a floating hotel you would not get permits. Basically, it could only be a floating museum. And in any case, forget the entertainment. Nobody wants to be shoved in berth style rooms with other passengers, stay on a ship with no air conditioning, and share bathing facilities with hundreds with others.
  11. Scott:

    I could see a replica built to the Harland & Wolff plans as a floating museum; that's an idea that might actually have some merit.

    However, I'm not sure it would have the necessary financial merit; the costs of replicating Titanic's craftsmanship - particularly her First Class interiors - would be so astronomically high that I have to wonder if admissions could ever recover them in a reasonable time frame. And a floating museum would be subject to quite a lot of the same maintenance as an oceangoing ship.

    I see the costs of a replica being at least as high as a new Cunarder, maybe more. Maybe someone else here might know differently. If it was ever done, it could certainly be a delight to visit - though I personally would draw the line at a replica iceberg! ;)
  12. Meikel

    Meikel Member

    Well, Palmer promised "state of the art technology", so air conditioning might be included in his plans.
    However, I really see no way that the second and third class accomodations could be suitable for the present day passengers. If this Titanic II is built, she would perhaps have replicas of some of the first class accomodations from the original Titanic, but most of her cabins would in no way resemble the ones from history. There is just no way to sell tickets and make profit if it were any other way.
  13. Jude

    Jude Member

    I totally agree with what everyone has been saying - it's daft! Not only would passengers not want the 3rd class accommodation (or even the 2nd class) but what about the crew? i doubt any modern-day crew members would put up with the conditions endured 100 years ago.

    Mind you, if you got rid of the 2nd and 3rd class cabins, you wouldn't need more lifeboats..........:) But it wouldn't be very financially feasible.
  14. Albert Kramer

    Albert Kramer Member

    I'm frankly shocked by all of you! especially on this form. I would give my left arm and leg to to be a crew member onboard and i prey with every ounce of hope i have that this plan comes through. Honestly! I don't think its tacky at all. Sure, it could never be a 100% replica of the ship. Modern safety standards have gone beyond that, and i honestly do think the rooms will look as historically accurate but will have modern acomidations as well. The whole purpose would be to travel aboard a floating time capsule as it were. Anyone expecting a modern cruse with all modern features has way more of a choice then titanic 2.

    As for it being daft? I highly doubt it, the guy alone has 5 BILLION DOLLARS, and I'm quite sure larger cruise and ocean liners don't cost nearly that much. I see it being done easy. I mean, they built a dam near replica of the ship for camerons film in less then a year, (granted not a complete sea worthy ship, a film set) but, i mean shes not that large of a ship by todays standards.

    As for it being somehow disrespectful? I don't see how in the slightest. Honestly i think its a wonderful tribute to the ship and all who sailed on her. Its sure a hell of a lot more respectful then removing artifacts from the wreck site or worse, tourists diving down to the wreck damaging it and polluting it and even getting married on it. I mean honestly, THATS A GRAVE SITE. You wouldn't have a wedding at the world trade center or the USS Arazonia at pearl harbor would you? THATS tacky and disrespectful.

    I think its going to be a wonderful project and would love to work aboard the ship. I do see it making money, easy and i do think people if properly educated should understand that this is not meant to be a modern cruise ship. This is meant to be a recreation of how things were 100 years ago. Want sun and fun? book a cruise at carnival. Want a true to life, as historically as possible recreation of the titanic? then welcome aboard!
  15. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member

    Even first class. I think there were only 4 1st class cabins with en suite bathroom facilities. The vast majority of 1st passengers had to share laveratories and baths.

    How popular do you think that would be with contemporary passengers?

    *fake edit

    I understand that the current plans are for a modernized ship. Just talking about the feasibility of an exact replica.
  16. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member


    The problem is that even copying the interiors will be impossible--for both safety reasons and because modern passengers would not tolerate the accomidations offerred to 2nd, 3rd and even first class passengers. In the end you will probably just get an exterior made to look like Titanic and maybe the grand staircase (minus real wood) .
  17. Albert Kramer

    Albert Kramer Member

    You could never do a 100% exact replica, it would never pass any laws or safety standards, and IMHO that would be a pure daft waste of time and money. As captain smith said "modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that" (clearly he was talking about a sinking but i think his words could be used here in this case)

    I do think they would add more bathrooms. So you might have SLIGHTLY scaled down rooms to acomidate for private rest rooms, i think thats a sacrifice that will have to be made, sure. I for one don't mind that. As long as the ship captures the spirit, look and vibe of the original titanic, who cares if there is no rivets on the hull or that some of the rooms aren't 100% to scale or theres modern lifeboats and safety systems? IT STILL WOULD BE THE TITANIC.

    Lets not forget, after the sinking both titanic and her unfinished sister ship britannic were modified as well. Olympic underwent several refits if i recall my history correctly. No ship is ever truly ever finished. Hell, this could very well be kind of like if titanic never sunk and just was upgraded over 100 years!
  18. Albert Kramer

    Albert Kramer Member

    I fully understand that. i think thats an exceptable compromise. read my previous post too...im being totally realistic... it will never be a 100% pure replica. i kinda don't want it to be. I do want it to capture the feel and spirit of the old ship and have it live again anew!
  19. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills Member


    I am not complaining at all, just stating the obvious... it could not be a replica, and even the interiors would be heavily modified. For example, a small swimming pool, a racket court and an antiquated gym as the only amusements in board? Not likely.