Clive Palmer's planned Titanic II

The Queen Mary 2 took 2 years from laying down the keel to first voyage so they need to get a bit of a move on if they intend to sail the Titanic 2 in 2018.

The Queen Mary 2 took 2 years from laying down the keel to first voyage so they need to get a bit of a move on if they intend to sail the Titanic 2 in 2018.
A long time ago, I was involved a bit in shipbuilding. Add to that two years, time required for detailed design and engineering, procurement of long-lead-time equipment and material, negotiation of a firm price with a shipyard, and arranging of financing. Various design approvals will be needed from the ship's proposed country of registry and from insurance companies.

Initial commercial operation in 2018 is a pipe dream. Well, actually, the whole idea is a pipe dream, in my opinion.

The idea of building Titanic II is like the Loch Ness Monster, which comes up every few years - except for Titanic II, it is more frequent, at least on internet sites like this one.
Absolutely Doug.

I've been involved in the entry into service of Warships and your are spot on with the length of time it takes to get to the point of even thinking about laying down. In the military you can add several more years to your time frame due to budget changes, re-designs, equipment becoming obsolete before it's even fitted etc etc etc.

Rob. L
I've probably given the impression that I'm very negative towards Clive Palmer's plan in this thread and very dismissive of it, which is true to a point but I should clarify that I would like to see a replica of the ship at some stage - just that it's one of those things that comes up fairly regularly and yet nothing ever comes of it. One of the main issues is, following on from Rob's comment about equipment becoming obsolete in the process, that a 'Titanic II' would have to be, by necessity, vastly different from the original Titanic in order to even be allowed to sail anywhere. The décor could be similar, the menus could be similar and the entertainment could be similar, but as far as the actual design and safety of the ship goes, much has changed in the last century and a bit! So it's worth bearing that in mind. Given this, perhaps a replica which doesn't sail would be more realistic?

Not to put too fine a point on it but I'm amazed the discussion was continuing up to the last post date back in March of this year. The original announced sailing date for this was to be in 1912 in time for the anniversary. Since then, dates have come and gone with no studies done, no request for proposals issued, no financing arranged, no bids solicited, no contracts let and not even so much as a single plate of steel cut much less joined with another in the graving dock.

In short, for almost eight years, Titanic II has been "Just around the corner" and ain't nuthin' happened yet.

Time to get real and make it stick: It not only isn't going to happen, if any account of his troubles is correct, Mister Palmer may have a problem even staying out of jail.
Wikipedia has published the demise of the project under a very auspicious title: "Collapse".

Titanic II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

May 2016: it was revealed that Deltamarin had ceased all work on the project in late 2014. The administrators for the bankrupt Queensland Nickel reported that the only Titanic II expenses were related to storage and IT services.[2] and Palmer faced freezing of personal assets to recoup money owed the company's employees and creditors.
This article is misleading if I'm not mistaken. It makes it sounds like the australian billioneer has been building the ship. I dont think theres anything thats been done other than talk talk talk.
It's built! :p
I challenge anyone to produce proof that Palmer’s Titanic II is being built by posting construction photos. This project has always been a phantom.

Wasn't it supposed to have made it's "maiden voyage" last year or even before that ?

Anyway it was the absolute height of bad taste.

Never understood why some people were getting weak at the knees regarding this hot air show.

If I had the money Mr Palmer has, I'd be mounting a search for the Waratah. But I've just handed over £27 to go and watch Scotland probably go and get beat at the football tonight so what the hell do I know ?