Clue # 281not crew but passenger

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Phil Fazzini

Comment one fact that #281 was not Catherine Wallis is the fact that the money found on her was US Money
Certainly a Englishwoman would have pound notes not dollars! Likewise there are at last 4 2nd Class women passengers lost who resided in the US and who could fit the profile-but again no proof of which was which!!!
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Certainly a Englishwoman would have pound notes not dollars!<<

Not necesserily. There's really no reason why pound notes couldn't be exchanged for dollars before embarkation. She might have even been able to do it on the ship.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Mrs Wallis has been cited as a possible mainly because of the wart mentioned in the body description - a family photograph suggest that Wallis did have a wart on one hand. But the matron was described by a fellow stewardess as a 'little woman', while the body was above average height and weighed 175lbs. Also we have the accounts of Wallis, at a late stage of the sinking, retiring to her cabin, locking the door and refusing to emerge. I's not impossible, of course, that she might even later have changed her mind (and her clothes) and made her way back up on deck - if there was time.

The money is significant more because of the amount than that it was in dollars. Crew members would be likely to carry a little spending money for New York, but an amount equivalent to eight weeks' wages would have been a great deal of money for a working class woman, hard to come by when there would generally be only a few shillings left over from essential spending each month.
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