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Coca Cola on the Titanic

Discussion in 'Great Brands on the Titanic' started by Catherine Ehlers, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. Yep at least Dr. P wasn't addictive and wouldn't shorten your lifespan like the original formula for Coca-Cola would.
  2. Chad Goodwin

    Chad Goodwin Member

    my understanding is that DR PEPPER was sort of a....er....how do you say it.....LAXATIVE
  3. The added "pep" of Coca Cola was a sure hit with the Victorian Era Baseball players. Among my past Baseball memorabilia holdings was a beautiful ad featuring the great Christy Mathewson advertising the benefits of Coca Cola.
    Needless to say "Matty" succumbed to an early death...a result of his stint in the chemical warfare dept. during WWI.


    Michael Cundiff
    NV, USA
  4. Kyrila Scully

    Kyrila Scully Member

    Ok, I'm going to be searching the internet now for the melody to that jingle. Thanks, OCD and all of you who provided the lyrics. :D
  5. Bastian Busse

    Bastian Busse Member

    do you could buy a coce on the titanic?
  6. Kroger Supermarket has Dr. K, which comes in a carton and can very similar and tastes very much like Dr. Pepper.
    I personally like Dr.K better, but that's just one more of my "Big IMHO's". LOL
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  7. Kroger....that's a name I don't hear very often where I live. It was everywhere in Pennsylvania but almost non-existent here in the 'lil ol' South!
  8. They are all over Texas. LOL
  9. mitfrc

    mitfrc Member

    Don't worry, Harris Teeter is a wholly owned subsidiary.
  10. This thread talked a lot about cocaine being in Coca Cola. Up untill around WW2 7up had a good dose of lithium in it. It was marketed to stressed out housewives and moms. Seems lithium would calm them down or smooth them out if they had depression. But they removed it because they found side effects that were bad.
  11. I had never heard of Dr. Pepper as a laxative , but it was advertised as a "Pepper Upper."
    And "Take bite to eat.........at 10, 2 and 4 O'Clock "
  12. Some people thought Dr. Pepper was prune juice soda so maybe thats where it came from. As has been said in this thread early soda drinks did have medicinal properties. Even when I was younger people would drink Coke for an upset stomach. Seems counter intuitive but it did seem to work. I liked Coca Cola back in the day when they made with it real sugar. It had more zip than the stuff today. Now days Coke is best with a little Jack. I know people that drink hot Dr. Pepper with lemon for colds. They say it makes them feel better. Just a sweeter version of tea and lemon I guess.
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