Colin Simpson v Bailey and Ryan

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Omar Khokhar

Dec 6, 2002
I am hoping someone can help me out on the following. As a person who was born and lives in the Lusitania`s home city of Liverpool, UK. I have come to be fascinated in the Lusitania story for a number of years and therefore I decided to begin some serious reading on it.

Therefore I recently acquired the following books, Colin Simpson`s book "The Lusitania" and "The Lusitania Disaster:An episode in modern warfare and diplomacy" by Bailey and Ryan.

What amazes me is the way Bailey and Ryan argue against and disagree with many of Colin Simpson`s conclusions.

At the moment I`m a bit confused as to who to believe. It`s obvious that they can`t both be correct.

For example Simpson states that Luistania was carrying gun as well as carrying large amounts of gun cotton and explosives. Bailey and Ryan disagree.

Secondly, Simpson states that Turner received instructions in New York that Lusitania was to receive a Royal Navy escort i.e the Juno but that this was latter withdrawn. Bailey and Ryan argue that no such escort was arranged.

Thirdly, Simpson argues that Turner received a message that he was to immediately divert to Queenstown. Again Bailey and Ryan disagree.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian Hawley

Omar, Bailey and Ryans book was written in response to the many errors of Simpsons work. This is the reason there is so much direct contradiction between the two. The Bailey Ryan book is in my opinion the most desirable Lusitania book and the one you should concentrate on.


Eric Sauder

Nov 12, 2000

Having researched Lusitania for nearly twenty years, I can tell you that I wouldn't line my bird's cage with Simpson's "book." There is almost nothing to redeem it aside from the fact that it makes for a terrific fiction novel.

In my humble opinion, Bailey and Ryan wrote the Lusitania "bible." It is the only book I regularly use for reference while doing research.

Eric Sauder
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