Collapsible D

I'm a little confused over collapsible D. I've read that it was the last boat lowered but the times for collapsible A and B are after the 2.05am time for D. Can anyone explain this for me or have i just got my info wrong,

Tom. Collapsibles A and B were tied to the roof of the officer's quarters, while Collapsibles C and D were were kept alongside the davits for boats 1 and 2 respectively. A and B were never really launched. They floated off the sinking ship with B having overturned while trying to get it down from the roof.
I'll tell you what happened when collapsible D was launched. The water flooded the well deck and started to flood the B and A deck.So many people wanted to get in the boat so officers had to fire warning shots in to the air.I think where the lifeboat is lanched that time is just about 15 feet(about 3 meters) to the water.Thats no taller than a diving pool!