Collapsible lifeboat model


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Does anybody know the exact measurements of titanic collapsible lifeboats and exactly how I would be able to make one (probably impossible, right)? Are there any plans on the internet? Im asking this question because it would be so cool to try the boat out on a lake.
I'm making a model of Titanic's lifeboat, since few weeks, but not the collapsible one. If you change your mind and want to do the other one, I can provide the 3 plans useful for scratch-building : the Half Breadth plan; the Sheer Plan and the Body Plan. If you do it, you can learn how on some website like this : Building a Bread-and-Butter Solid Hull Ship Model – Page 6 . It's up to you! :)
Any news on the collapsable lifeboat drawings? We are creating a replica of it in school for a project.
Any information you can give on these life boats would be appreciated!
Thank you:p