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I clicked on a link the other day which claimed to have never before seen pictures of the Titanic. Some comments that accompanied the pictures claimed that the passengers that were in collapsible boats drifted away from the standard life boats and all died from hypothermia.

Is this even partly accurate?

Many thanks!
Not really true. Two collapsibles made it to Carpathia with their passengers. There are photos of them.

Collapsible B was upside down, but 26 people survived on it and were taken off by lifeboats. Collapsible A was upright, but its sides were not erected and it flooded. Twelve people survived in it and were taken off by a lifeboat. Three bodies were left onboard and were found later by Oceanic.
Twelve people survived in it
Make that thirteen. The 13 survivors of Collapsible A can be listed.
  1. Rhoda Mary Abbott
  2. Olaus Abelseth
  3. Edward Brown
  4. Carl Olof Jansson
  5. William Lucas
  6. William McIntyre
  7. William John Mellors
  8. Oscar Olsson
  9. George Rheims
  10. John Thompson
  11. Augustus Henry Weikman
  12. August Wennerström
  13. Richard Norris Williams
It is harder to list survivors on Collapsible B.
My source, which should be accurate, puts William Mellors on collapsible B.
His ET profile clearly places him in Collapsible A, and again in the bio. Can you cite your source?
Mellors was aboard Collapsible A.
McIntyre is actually unsure, he might have been on Collapsible B.

Peter Daly was also aboard Collapsible A. However I am not sure about Olson.
Is the encyclopedia profiles fully accurate? Frederick Fleet served on the Olympic at least 220 times in the 1920's and 1930's as lookout and able seaman until the Olympic was scrapped (according to crew lists). He was basically given a job for life on the Olympic. Yet the Titanic encyclopedia website says: 'From June 1912, Fleet served briefly as Seaman on the White Star liner Olympic. He found that White Star looked at the surviving officers and crew as embarrassing reminders of the recent disaster and he left the company in August 1912.' Clearly that was not true as he served with the company for many years until it went broke and merged with Cunard. One could say, the company looked after him and were very good to him.

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Both McIntyre and Olsson have written in their bio that they survived on Collapsible A, even though McIntyre is not listed under that boat.

According to survivor George Rheims and researcher Bill Wormstedt, Peter Dennis Daly was on the boat too.
However, there are some claims that Daly made the whole thing up and actually just stepped in one of the lifeboats, like #5, #9 or maybe #3.
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Peter Daly was definitely on collapsible A, he was pulled into the boat by Williams and Rheims. Rheims wrote: “I had the pleasure to be able to save a poor man, father of nine children, who asked me to give him a picture of myself with a dedication fit for the Kind of England.”

I haven't seen any source regarding Olsson in the boat. McIntyre is very vague with his description if it was A or B, most likely he was on boat B.
Was there not another man, Beattie I think was his surname, who initially survived on Collapsible A but died on the lifeboat before they were rescued?