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I am re-posting this as my topic's seem to be deleted or do not appear even though it says I am the last poster in a topic.

I hope this is the correct part of the forum.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what the best book is (if there is one)for Titanic survivor accounts old and new. For example is there a book which has a large or rather most amount of survivor accounts old and new including accounts from survivors which died in the past 20 or so years ? What's the best book for the largest amount of accounts ?

I have been looking on amazon but am not sure of the best book ?

Many thanks

Hi Jon,

If you're after survivor accounts by those who died in the past twenty years or so, they'll mostly be by people who were quite young at the time of the sinking. I know you've already got Eva Hart's book.

I've always thought a good 'value for money' book is the cheap Dover paperback edited by Jack Winocour that collects four accounts by survivors:

* the complete text of first class passenger and amateur historian Colonel Archibald Gracie's The Truth About the Titanic (1913)
* the complete text of second class passenger and science teacher Lawrence Beesley's The Loss of the SS Titanic (1912)
* relevant excerpts from the senior surviving officer Second Officer Charles Lightoller's autobiography Titanic and Other Ships (1935) (also somewhat unreliable, committed to paper years after the sinking)
* the account the surviving wireless operator, Harold Bride, from his interview in the New York Times (1912).}

The book has been through several reprints over the years and should still be readily available new and second hand.

There are a lot of other survivor accounts collected in various books or published as stand alone works - many covered in detail in other threads. If you have posted the same question a few times, it's possible a moderator has moved it to one of those threads too. Just a thought.


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Thanks for the info Fiona. I suppose it's very much a case of buying various books and searching online for accounts. Don't know why someone has not complied a book with all (or a lot) of eye witness accounts in rather than books that just have a few accounts like the ones mentioned above, as interesting as they may be! A book with just survivor accounts seems a bit long over due.

I did read an interesting account of the only black people on the Titanic on the THS website just now!

I've also obtained the book by David Haisman about Edith hence I wonder what it's like - its waiting for me when I get home.

Anyway thanks.



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Many thanks Lestor

I will obtain the book second hand. Should be a good read. Does it have a lot of survivor accounts in ?

What would make a good book is one where you can go to the index look up a survivor and then go to a page with there accounts - a book covering almost every documented account would be very cool.

Hello Jon,

There seem to be a large number, but as with much published at the time [and since] you need to read with an open [and questioning] mind.

Unfortunately the book does not have an index.
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