Colorized Stateroom Photo

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Brian R Peterson

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Hi David,

The wallpaper WAS in fact gold in this room as well, my original work as such looked too gaudy in gold, so I made it green, which is my favorite color and it worked out beautifully, I like my version better - heh.


Thanks for the kudos, it is very challenging to color some of these photos, it takes me weeks sometimes months to do, but as you can see the time and patience pay off!

Best Regards,

Hi Daniel,

I have been well. Been tying ti enjoying the summertime or the lack of it. How have you been? I've just dropped you a line using the E.T email system. Let me know here if you can not acess it. Hope everyone had a good New Years.



Tnanks, I did get your e-mail.

I tried replying to you via the reply address mentioned in the ET message but it failed. If you can, send me another message and let me know what your e-mail address is, or write to me directly from your e-mail address.

I colorized a picture of cabin B-60.


Matt Pereira

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I dont remember what program I used it had a airbrush feature that allowed me to color a b&w photo but leave the detail under neath.
It's outstanding none the less!

Most of the pictures I've seen colorized have a false looking effect to them. I especially like this one:


Matt Pereira

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Yep thats the one I like the most it came out the best. only thing is the color of the funnels I dont think is correct. But I did it as best as I could at the time.

I did one of those and got somewhat better results; it is in one of these threads. One must not forget reflected light, color and the atmosphere itself.

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