Comber the birthplace of Thomas Andrews


Darren Taylor

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Doug Criner

Doug Criner

I realize that this is an old thread - but the link doesn't work. I will add some information of my own.

We visited Comber several years ago. It is a small town (by my standards) maybe an hour's drive from Belfast. There is an old church and graveyard within walking distance of the center of town. The cemetery includes Thomas Andrew's ancestral family burial plot, which has a large central monument. The monument has a plaque commemorating Thomas (who, of course, was lost at sea).

Any visit to Belfast should include a trip to Comber and the church cemetery - as well as a visit to the Harland & Wolf dry dock used for construction of Titantic. When we were it Belfast, our driver pulled right into the unused portion of the old shipyard's site, and we got out right at the edge of the dock. What a great place to comprehend the size of the ship.
Doug Criner

Doug Criner

Thomas Andrews Memorial

The Andrews' family burial plot is in a cemetery in Comber, not far from Belfast. All of those buried there are listed on a large monument, plus Thomas' name and date of death. It is a church graveyard, and the old church still stands and is active.