Comments on Molony's rockets theory anyone

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Oct 23, 2000
Any comments on Sean Molony's rockets theory, anyone?
I'll present mine in a nutshell: perhaps there were more rockets fired by the Titanic than eight, but I still don't think that could indicate a third ship in between, for we must not forget the other evidence like, say, the fact that the Californian was seen to the north of the Carpathia at daybreak, that one could make a strong case against the Cailf. with.
What is more, if there were indeed more rockets than eight, we can turn the pro-Calif. argument around to be one against the infamous Leylander by asking: why did Stone and Gibson say they only saw eight rockets? Were they hedging their bets by telling a half-truth, or was there some sort of optical illusion that made them think twelve or so were only eight.
Ah mysteries! :)

Richard K.

Jason Bidwell

I pretty much agree with your opinion - 8 or 80, it doesn't really matter in regards to a hypothetical third ship. If you're interested, look under topic "ET Research," subject "Titanic's Rockets by Senan Molony," for a very spirited debate and critique of the article. It's good reading.
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