Commited Back to the Ocean

Astor's body showed no evidence of being crushed by a falling funnel, and was in good condition apart from the minor damage which many of the bodies received from collisions with floating ice, wreckage and other bodies over a period of several days or weeks. It's likely that the undertakers on the recovery ships did the best job possible in all cases irrespective of status, and certainly all the bodies brought back to Halifax, whether in coffins or bags, were embalmed - as the law required. It was after the bodies were ashore that the advantages of being a 'wealthy corpse' had more affect. Certainly it was much less likely that the family of a 3rd Class passenger could afford the freight charges to have a body returned home. But the greatest suffering, no doubt, was for the families whose loved ones were never recovered at all.


Good point Bob, I suspect that the people doing the recovery operation did their level best to preserve as many as they could, using burial at sea only when all other options had been exhausted.

Just as a different point of view. Being a coaster, I wouldn't mind the burial at sea so much. Being laid to rest in such company as Capt. Smith, to name one, and the rest of the heroes from WW's etc. Would not perturb me too much at all. (like I said, just a different point of view, ;))

@lee14k; your comment about lifeboats reminded me of some discussions in other threads, here's a link to one of them.