'Commodore' JP Morgan


Addison Hart

Hmmm...was galumphing about the 'net this evening when I stumbled blindly across this little jewel: http://www.nyyc.org/history/article_21/

It isn't much, and other than the link to JP it has little to do with the Big 'Un, but it's neat all the same. Yes, it seems Junius Pierpont Morgan, king of IMM, owner of Titanic, millionaire, medieval tapestry buff, and robber baron, was also something of a fan of yatching. That picture of the old chap in his commodore outfit is worth the visit alone! Enjoy, I did.

God bless,
Addison Hart

Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
Ah, dear Daniel, don't you know, boyo, about such a thing as 'touch up' which, I'm told, J. P. would pay extra for. I've seen other photos of him that make that proboscis of his look like a spongy-mushroom.

Best regards, as always,

Brian Hawley

I believe that climb up the side of "the rolling Atlantic steamer" that is referred to in the article was none other than the Oceanic of 1899. Morgan it seems loved White Star, even before IMM bought it!

The stroy as I recall reading it has Morgan going out with the Pilot to meet his wife onboard the Oceanic. Once he started up the rope ladder he realized he was making a dangerous climb and one that might have been a mistake for a man of his age. Yet his determination one out as it were, so he "Chomped down on his cigar pushed the hat lower on his head" and continued upwards.


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