Compare these sequences from Sahara to anything in Raise The Titanic

Oct 23, 2000
Aw c'mon, man. Where's the Dirk Pitt fans aboard this Big T board? (Moderators: I am sharing these clips to contrast this Dirk Pitt flick with RTT and plan to keep plenty of RTT content here.)
C'mon, man, don't be shy. I know you're out there, fellow Dirk P. fans. All hands on deck!


Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
"...I read RTT, and my images of Dirk Pitt did not match those of the late Richard Jordan."

Neither did mine, John! I imagined him to look a lot different. I'm a huge Clive Cussler / Dirk Pitt fan and have enjoyed the books that I've read, including Raise the Titanic.

Sahara is one book I haven't read yet, but I'm planning on seeing the movie. Although, Matthew McConaughey is an odd choice to play the role of Dirk Pitt.
Feb 6, 2003
I was really impressed by the movie. Having now seen both Raise the Titanic and Sahara, and having read both books. I can say personally that Sahara was about as good as Hollywood's going to get with Cusslers books. It was way better then Raise the Titanic. The soundtrack on the other hand was deplorable. McConaughey, while not really fitting the literary Dirk Pitt, I think is a pretty close match for the big screen. He has the charisma of Pitt I think. While they follow the book about 50% of the time in the movie I still thought it was the best case scenario for a Cussler book turned movie.

John Flood

Mar 4, 2002
Hi Folks,

I'm looking forward to seeing Sahara. It's Clive Cussler's best book,IMO. I thought, though, after Raise the Titanic, Clive Cussler was so disappointed that he would not let any more of his novels be made into film. He must of finally relented.

All the Best,

Matthew Lips

Mar 8, 2001
I haven't seen "Sahara" yet, but judging purely from some of the critics' reviews on the Yahoo website which Richard referred us to in his first post I am not so sure if Clive Cussler is ever going to relent again.

"Lukewarm" seems a fair way to describe the overall reception which the movie received from the critics quoted there, and I have the sinking feeling that there may be some distinct plot holes in the movie which are covered up in the book.

Still, I prefer to be my own judge and am certainly looking forward to seeing "Sahara" when it hits the big screen hereabouts. After all, didn't some wise Roman remark that "no statue was ever erected for a critic?" Even all those centuries ago they knew a thing or two about people who make their living panning the work of others...!

Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
Richard, what's amusing about that link to Cussler's site you provided is that the person who wrote that doesn't know RTT the novel particularly well! Loren Smith was not introduced as a character in the Cussler universe until "Vixen 03", the novel that followed RTT (and it's the only novel incidentally after RTT that directly references specifics from that story, since there's a scene with Pitt working on restoring William Carter's Renault, which was given to him as a gift, but sadly this item disappears from Pitt's collection in all subsequent books). The writer of this little review is thinking of the Dana Seagram character, who became a radically altered character from the novel (like everyone else).

Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
I'm not too familiar with Cruz, but I will say this about Anne Archer. "Fatal Attraction's" credibility was utterly destroyed if were to think seriously that Michael Douglas would rather cheat with Glenn Close!

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