Complete crew list for the final voyage finally available online

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I had promised this sometime ago and now it's time to deliver.

For the first time we have the complete Crew List of the Britannic (for her final voyage) available on-line.

I must say that this was possible thanks to Simon Mills who shared with me his photos of the original documents. It took about 2-3 days in order to understand the hand-writing and then put all the names into the computer. Simon kindly double-checked the finished file and made the necessary corrections.

Unfortunately, the lists for the RAMC personnel and the Nursing Staff are still incomplete put the effort to find more names won't stop here.

This is the first update since 2007. I apologize for this long period of inactivity but the work behind the scenes never stopped and there is still much more to upload!

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Hello Michael, actually I think I remember Violet's nieces being interviewed and stating that they thought she was a nurse but that a researcher had found out for them that she was actually a Stewardess! I think it was a show on either Discovery or The History Channel on the Britannic!! I want to say it's a Deep Sea Detectives Special for some reason! Sorry I couldn't help you more on this!

Violet Jessop worked as a Stewardess during the final voyage despite the fact that she was a qualified VAD nurse. Her name was in the Victualling Department list.

As I wrote, the lists for the RAMC men and the Nursing Staff are incomplete. If you aware of other names please post the available information and I will add the name. However, the presence of the person onboard must be verified through historical resources first.

Michael could you give me more info regarding Corporal Waugh? The name surely rings a bell but I cannot remember where I've seen it.

That's very interesting that Jessop was a stewardess. I guess the books will have to change that one. It explains why she really wasn't with the nurses in evacuation.

Corporal J. Waugh was a survivor. He was in one of the wrecked boats. His lengthy and detailed 1916 account appeared in Voyage magazine a few years ago in our 2 issue Britannic anniversary tribute.

I wanted to drop a brief note to congratulate you for this latest update to your site, which merely confirms it as the premier resource online for Britannic research and information.

As regards Corporal Waugh, he was the RAMC man who gave an account of the sinking to The Scotsman newspaper which was published in late December 1916 if I remember rightly. I think, Michael, that you published it in the Titanic International's Voyage journal which covered Britannic's loss?

I did wonder if you would like to use some of the additional dates for the officers and their service onboard Britannic? I published a very brief summary on my website back in December 2005: Britannic Officers' Appointments (I cannot seem to mend the broken url, so a good old cut-and-paste might be necessary: this file was uploaded to my site before I simplified my file names!)

The reason I asked is that I noticed you do not have all the material available about the officers in the 'additional notes' section, although there is more information above that as part of the crew list itself; it occurred to me that my webpage summary might be useful for you. For example, you have:

Additional notes:

First Officer : George E. Oliver replaced H.J. Hollingsworth sometime in 1916. In 1915 the position was held by J. H. Callow...

And we can see from my summary the dates: James Henry Callow served from December 20th 1915; he was replaced by Hugh John Hollingsworth on September 4th 1916; and then George Ernest Kemp Oliver on September 22nd 1916. (Hollingsworth did not even get to complete a voyage!)

Third Officer : In 1915 the position was held by J. H. Walker.

It was J. H. Walker in December 1916, followed by George Newlove in May 1916 and then Francis W. Laws in September 1916.

Sixth Officer : H.Welch replaced J. Chapman sometime in 1916. In 1915 the position was held by Duncan C. McTavish.

It was Duncan Campbell McTavish in December 1915, followed by John Chapman in September 1916 and then Herbert R. Welsh replaced him for the final voyage on November 10th 1916 - serving for eleven days before Britannic went down. (Most of Titanic's officers served their ship for longer!)

I thought if I left a reference to my online summary then it's possible to cross-reference the material for each officer, as I have not checked the notes for every single one to make a comparison.

One day, I need to get my house in order and publish more of the research into Britannic's officers (Remco Hillen and Inger Sheil have also done some sterling work in this area). I have tracked down the details of many of their pre- and post-Britannic careers, although - as always - there are some rather stubborn gaps remaining.

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Yes Mark, we published that and a number of new accounts/pics in the two issue Britannic tribute of Voyage. Waugh I think may have been from Ryvale, if I remember correctly. The account was originally in the Newcastle paper, and perhaps that actually has a photo of him.
That's very interesting that Jessop was a stewardess. I guess the books will have to change that one. It explains why she really wasn't with the nurses in evacuation.
I was right! Pity I couldn't remember what show it was on. Watch now when they show it again I'll be all excited thinking the show is brand spanking new and as I watch it I'll find that I've seen it all before and be disappointed! I'll leave you all with that thought! I agree with Rocky though interesting list! I'm also glad the Britannic is getting some much needed focus! Now if only the Persia was as fortunate!