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Apr 22, 2012
Now this is my first post to the forum here so I do not know if this is the correct area to post this question. I noticed this area is about passengers so I thought I should ask it here. I want to know if anyone was given a ticket and invited aboard the Titanic? Also, was anyone able to board the ship for free? I mean technically J.P. Morgan (despite not going on the voyage) did own the ship as well as Ismay and I would think they may be able to board it for free. So those are my two questions.

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
Ismay traveled on a complimentary ticket.
So did his servants (Fry and Harrison), Andrews and the Guarantee Group, and Reuchlin, a director of Holland-American, which was closely tied to IMM.

J.P. Morgan might have been offered one but in the end, he decided to go on holiday in France.
As you know, Mike, it's my belief that Morgan, who always stayed in Europe until mid-summer or later, never planned on being on Titanic's maiden voyage.

Here's an IMM organizational chart from its 1917 annual report.
IMM Organizational Chart.jpg

IMM Organizational Chart.jpg


Apr 23, 2012
Hello, my name is Agnes, from Poland & i think i will have some questions in general so i'm glad i've found the spot. This is my first time here (writing) although before i registered i was reading some posts. Anyway...

My questions are about the wreck, the bodies/victims and passengers.

First of all - this is what I've been wondering about for a long long time - As we know 'the bacteria' is "eating" the wreck and it may disappear completely in 20 years or so, do you think there might be some bodies (I mean... remains of people) under or somewhere inside the ship's wreck? I can't imagine how could they look like, maybe some skelletons, bones... but anyway they could be recovered & examined (dna tests etc.) There were many people still inside the ship during the sinking. I think many of them didn't have lifebelts on so they went down with the ship. Moreover, they were sucked down with the ship underwater. The wave of water, the pressure (and things/reasons I cannot professionally name) caused many elements of the Titanic break off & tear away spreading in the deep/water. They also may have damaged some bodies or... at the bottom(?) cover them possibly. I don't know the details but i imagine no one whoever has been going down to the wreck, touched or moved particular elements, especially big or heavy ones. So perhaps there really are some human remains down there?
I have huge respect for the victims as well as for the families & relatives. I was always against touching the wreck or taking it out. But... if there might be some remains of people who were never recovered before, there is hope that their families (current relatives) finally would have a chance to know about it. I think it is possible to find out about some features as well as DNA even if the body is very damaged. There are some advanced technologies nowadays. ....

Second thing - I've been watching James Cameron's movies & research materials (very good ones) and yes, the Titanic movie from 1997 & what strikes my mind is - many third class passengers weren't allowed to get out from their part of the ship because the gates were closed & stewards refused to open it - is it factual? It seems unbelievable. There was an emergency situation and everyone was aware of what was going on, so I don't think anyone would be so cruel to keep so many people closed & imprisoned inside the sinking ship. However facts speak for themselves: so many bodies were not found or identified because a lot of people went down with Titanic. Those ones who had no lifebelts never resurfaced I guess.
I'm asking this because I know about at least one incompatibility in Cameron's movie - Officer Murdoch's history. There is no real record that he commited suicide on board of Titanic! He was working until the end, helping people to get in boats.

Okay, that's it from me. I have tendency to write a lot. :) I hope someone will answer my questions & doubts, please. More questions to come, i am sure - if i don't find some answers reading it all at forum.:)
Hugs to all of you & Thank you. /Agnes Q.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>do you think there might be some bodies (I mean... remains of people) under or somewhere inside the ship's wreck? <<

It's possible. At the moment, nobody has any proof that there actually are any human remains inside the wreck, but if there are, I would suspect that they're buried in the mud which is a remarkably effective preservative.

>>many third class passengers weren't allowed to get out from their part of the ship because the gates were closed & stewards refused to open it - is it factual?<<

Possibly. George Behe and Cathy Akers-Jordon researched the daylights out of this for The Centennial Re-appraisal and found some evidence to back it up. Even if there were no locked gates vis a vis as presented in the movies, it appears obvious to me that some sort of restraint was used to discourage most of them from going on deck until it was entirely too late.

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