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Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
Hi all,
I've moved this from "Life on Board" forum, although maybe this would be better suited for the "Ships that may have stood still" threads...anyway....

Now that my attempt to simulate the sinking of the Titanic using a computer programme has temporarily hit a brick wall (or iceberg), I've decided to develop another computer programme, hopefully showing people what it might have looked like that night.

Naturally, this is a big project, and I want to make sure I've got my data right before I start!
I've put down a list of requirements on my webpage, and I'd be grateful for proof readers and suggestions! Thanks my friends

The page is here:

Best wishes to you all


Erik Wood

Aug 24, 2000
There are several damage control computer programs out and available. Some of them I have used rather then do the math. They are fairly complicated, they need a lot of information in order to give you an accurate picture. Informatoin that for the most part doesn't exist and that you have to research and come to your own conclusion and include. Which means no matter what method you use, by hand or computer your computation and the end result will always not be correct.

Mike Anderson

By any chance, does anyone know the Titanic's actual speed immediately after disengaging the spur/ice shelf? Seems a ship of that size would have a lot of inertia, and I had always assumed that it never reached a full stop in the time between collision and the half-ahead order.

Anyway, this project sounds great. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Probably not, Mike. No black boxes in that day and age and Murdoch had his hands full trying to keep an extremely bad situation from getting worse then it already was. I'm sure the collision would have shaved something off the speed, but not enough to matter.

Alicia Coors


I have only one suggestion: don't hard-code any assumptions into the program. You will want the ability to view the sinking with many disparate conditions, both initial and dynamic.

Get all your data from a profile, and you'll never say 'Doh!'

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