Concise and definitive guide to the renault and billy carter

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I have been wondering if the encyclopedia has a articale that has all the info concering the renault and billy carter in one concise location.... If not I think that is going to be my progect for the next couple months to write a articale on the renault and who billy carter was....
Hi Joshua,

I don't know if an article focusing on Billy Carter's Renault is available on E.T.

Yet, you'll find below a link. Thanks to this plan, I can tell you were was exactly situated the car.

Start from the Firemen passage, on the bottom.
If you climb one deck, you're now in one of the 2 cargos.
if you climb another deck, you're now in the "Motor Cars" room, where was situated the Billy carter's Renault.

I hope you'll be satisfied.
If my English is not perfect, I apologize.

Very best regards,

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