Confirming date of Photo: RMS Olympic departing Belfast.


Harland Duzen


Quickly looking up photos from The Ulster & Folk Transport Museum here: Titanic - Olympic repairs and refitting on the discussion of the new photographs found by mpj27,
and I notice this photo here (Below, hopefully it's not too big).
Figure 9 view of thompson dock from Olympic during sea trials 29th may 1911Maritime quest

Now the UFTM states that the Britannic is in the background (meaning it was taken after 1911) while the book "Titanic in Photographs" suggested it was taken as Olympic departed on her sea trials on May 29th 1911 meaning it's the Titanic in the background.

Now clearly one of these's sources is incorrect but I need to know if the Photo was taken May 1911 or after as otherwise I just wasted a month of research and time...

Any help confirming this will be VERY very appreciated...and avoid a lot of swearing.
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Ioannis Georgiou

H1656: May-12 View to starboard poop deck while swinging and outfitting basin with Thompson Graving Dock No.433 (BRITANNIC) in Background.

That description is wrong.

1. Olympic was not in Belfast in May 1912.
2. Britannic keel was laid on 30 November 1911 how on earth did they build the hull up so far in only 6 Months?!
3. To be Britannic it is on the wrong side of the gantry.
4. Close up shows the hull matches Titanic.

Not the first wrong dated and described image.