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Jul 14, 2002
Hi All,
I am a college student in Fairfield, CT, and was wondering if there were any Titanic related sites in the area that I could visit? Thanks, Eric

Mike Herbold

Dec 13, 1999
Go to the home page and type in Connecticut in the search box in the upper right hand corner. You'll find enough references to keep you busy for a week or so.
Happy hunting.

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
According to "Titanic Memorials World-Wide", published by Brian Ticehurst, there are four gravesites in the following southwest Connecticut towns:
1. Greenwich, CT: Mrs Edith Graham is buried at Putnam Cemetery;
2. Milford, CT: Miss Sarah Roth is buried at Kings Highway Cemetery; and,
3. Stamford, CT: Frederick Maxfield Hoyt, and his wife, Jane Ann Hoyt, are buried at Putnam Cemetery. There is also a mention of William Hoyt, at Frederick's grave.

I have noted that these towns are in the same part of the state, as Fairfield. However, you'll need to check the addresses of the cemeteries, and their locations, in proximity to local rail services.

Another Connecticut site is in Harford: At Cedar Hill Cemetery, Ricahrd L. Beckwith's grave, is located here, and the ashes of his wife, Sally Beckwith, were scattered at the cemetery.

I also remember doing a "State By State" listing, for the American passengers, and there were a good number of passengers whose residences were in Connecticut. I'll presume that many of them were First-Class passengers from places such as Greenwich.

You can check the Passenger lists from Eaton & Haas' "Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy".

John Clifford
Nov 23, 1996

After an long illness and getting caught up at work, I am back.

If memory serves me right, you will also find J.P. Morgan buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetary in Hartford also.

P.S. Samuel Colt is buried there also.

As I live in the Springfield / Hartford Area in need to find time to get to this cemetary someday.
Dec 12, 1999
I would like to add to the informative posts listed above by John Clifford and Steve Anderson.

Mrs. Margaret Graham Moore is also buried at the Putnam Cemetery in Greenwich, Connecticut, in a plot adjacent to her mother, Mrs. Edith Graham. The Graham mausoleum is easy to spot from the road, but the Moore lot is covered with thick shrubbery and ivy. I will say that Putnam Cemetery was one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever visited.

Mrs. Sarah Roth Iles is buried at the King's Highway Cemetery in Milford, Connecticut, but unfortunately, her grave is unmarked.

A small correction to the Hoyt post listed above. Fred and Jane Hoyt are buried at the Woodland Cemetery in Stamford, Connecticut, not the Putnam Cemetery. Also, there is no mention of William Hoyt at Fred Hoyt's grave. The two men were not related to one another at all. There is a memorial stone to William Hoyt in California.

Here are some others:

Miss Susan Webber, 2nd Class survivor, is buried at the Rocky Hill Cemetery, Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Mr. William Sloper, 1st Class survivor, is buried in the family plot at the Fairview Cemetery in New Britain, Connecticut.

Mr. Hakan Bjornstrom-Steffanson, 1st Class survivor, is buried in the Eno family mausoleum at the Simsbury Cemetery, Simsbury, Connecticut. This cemetery is another pictureque location nestled in the Connecticut mountains.

Mr. Richard Beckwith is buried at the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford but the ashes of his wife, Sallie, were not buried there. Her ashes were scattered over a New Hampshire mountainside.

The Nackid family ~ Said, his wife Mary, and their daughter, Maria ~ were all buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Waterbury, Connecticut. Maria Nackid was the first Titanic survivor to die on July 30, 1912. She was buried in the pauper's section of Calvary Cemetery and a grave marker was never erected. The Nackid family later purchased a plot and the rest of the family were buried there over time. The Nackid family plot is located quite a distance from where baby Maria was interred.

Also, survivor Joseph Duquemin died in June of 1950 and was buried in the Stamford area as well. I cannot think of the name of the cemetery off hand but can get it for you.

There is a memorial to victim Charles Natsch in the Willimantic, Connecticut, area, as well as a Straus family plot in Mystic, Connecticut, which makes mention of Isidor and Ida Straus losing their lives on the Titanic. I'm sure Shelley Dziedzic can provide further details.

I hope this will be of some help.

Mike Findlay
Jul 14, 2002
Thank You All!

I definitlely have my work cut out for me. I would like to visit many of these locations over time and will be sure to report back to you all.

Thanks again for all your help! Much Appreciated!


Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
Hallo Mike. The obituary about Joseph Duquemin in a Stamford newspaper 6.1.1950;
"Funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday from the L P. Gallagher Funeral Home. Interment will be in the Veterans Plot at Spring Grove Cementery, Darlen".
According to the Stamford paper Joseph was a veteran of WW 1. His wife Mrs Mary Flanagan Duquemin, two daughters, Mrs Robert Knapp and Mrs Frank Merill, and a son Joseph Duquemin, all of Stamford. If I do not remember wrong I think I read an interview with the son Joseph around April 15 this year.
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