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Last one HOT Note: The third planned program NEVER went on the air. I was Privy thanks to Pter Simmons to have had the last Telex read to me but I cannot say what it was as I cannot document it but it stopped the operation thus no part 3. All I can say is that they may have been very close to being escorted off the site by the RN Wish I could have had these post better but limited to 35k don't work too well
Think on this. Previous posts I told about 20/20 and Oceaneerings expedition and exploration of the Lusitania for 20/20 of which only 2 of 3 planned shows ever went out on the air.
Since then I have called Oceanerring in Texas and in Maryland hoping to acquire photos and more information about their expedition to the Lusitania. Would you believe that as of this writing no one at Oceaneering can find any information or archived files about the expedition.
Of course they (Oceaneering)are mostly for Oil exploration and such at sea and have some heavy business with the British regarding Oil.
MIKE, Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!
When I contacted Oceaneering in the late 80s, I was also told that no information about the Lusitania expedition could be found. It had "disappeared" from their files. And this was only six or seven years after the expedition. From the tone of the letters I received, a bit of reading between the lines, and some conversations with people involved in the expedition but who weren't Oceaneering employees, I am convinced that Oceaneering still had the Lusitania files when I asked for them but, because of possible legal problems, didn't want to release any information.

When I wrote to 20/20 to get video tape copies of the Lusitania segments, I was told that they couldn't release them because of outstanding legal questions.

I have definite opinions and a pretty good idea about what was going on behind the scenes but don't want to take the chance of saying anything on a public forum because some of those involved are still around.

Eric Sauder
> [Eric, Hope all is well with you. Your post was very interesting to say the least. Back then I was in close contact with 20/20 producer Simmons and once I also asked him about videotapes and got the same reply but was told THEN If I wanted to come to the studio I could watch them there with their legal team present. But he did send me the transcripts which I posted on this thread. MORE Hmmmmmmmm]

Paul Lee

When I spoke to John Pearce about the Lusitania, he said that the information about salvage, plus the controversy about the "sacrificing" of the ship, illicit cargo etc. was broadcast on a BBC "Newsnight" show (late night discussion programme) in 1983. You could try writing to the BBC Written Archives dept. to see if transcripts and other info is available, or try writing to the British Film Institute/National Film and Television Archive to see if they can provide you with a viewing copy - the only downside being that you must be present to see it at their offices in London!



Eric. Did you ever get a copy? Robert recorded the 20/20 special off public TV back in the 80's. It is only about 06 minutes long, and uncertain if it is an edited version of what you are speaking about. (It looks like the same text as what Jon placed up here, but it is so fuzzy, I can't tell with 100% certainty.)In re-watching it, Robert and I felt it unusual that the British Government sent a telex to them while on scene, and advised the research team to stop, as IF there were munitions aboard, danger exists, but they didn't know of such a thing existing. It was the only time I saw a conspiracy theory, except the brief clip on the National Geographic special with John Light speaking about the huge hole blown in the side of the ship, that they (N.G.) were unable to locate.
If not, Come on over, and we'll watch it!
> [Wrote to Eric and was wondering if anyone has a direct contact with Hugh Downs. Might be a great interview if someone could get him to talk about the mission. I do recall that a magazine published quite a few photos of the stuff they salvaged then, like Window Frames and the Propeller. I think the magazines may have been either Sea Classics or Skindiver. Do you remember that the Propeller was melted down to make Golf Clubs. I think a New York store Hammacher Schlemmer (sic) advertised them in their catalog some years ago at a high price. Mike.....Hmmmmmmmm! Cheers Jon]
Golf clubs??! I can scarcely believe what I'm reading. Powerful lot of 'hmmmmmmms' on this thread. This may sound daft, but I do wonder if Governments don't admit to this sort of stuff these days, even decades afterwards , because of litigation. I don't know much about statutes of limitation etc., but it seems fairly stupid for a Government of 50+-year olds in 2004 not to admit that, say, the Lusitania was carrying something fishy, unless they were worried about people taking some sort of action - descendants it would be now, like Holocaust descendants wanting money from Switzerland (that I can understand) or various governments wanting items back from museums around the world ... sounds silly, I know. But one does wonder what other explanation there can be? After all, HM Gov can hardly be responsible for something that happened nearly 90 years ago. Mind you, governments do love witholding information just for the sake of it, or so it seems.
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